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Hi-Temp Alloys & Stainless Steel Scrap

Mercury Recycling (Hg)

Liquid Mercury Scrap

Liquid Mercury Scrap shall consist of containerized liquid mercury scrap.

Mercury Amalgam Scrap

Mercury Amalgam Scrap shall consist of mercury content amalgams.

Mercury Switch Scrap

Mercury Switch Scrap shall consist of a variety of mercury switches, commonly a glass bulb containing mercury suspended on a bi-metal spring or coil.

Mercury Thermometer Scrap

Mercury Thermometer Scrap shall include mercury content glass bulbs recovered from thermometers by sorting and excluding all attachments, plastic etc.

Mercury/Silver Oxide Battery Scrap

Mercury/Silver Oxide Battery Scrap may contain a variety of scrap batteries that contain mercury and silver oxide. An analysis of the content should be provided.

Mercury Content Battery Scrap

Mercury Content Battery Scrap shall consist of assorted Mercury (Hg) content batteries that have been sorted from other types of batteries for the purpose of mercury recovery.

Mercury Bearing Phosphor Powder

Mercury Bearing Phosphor Powder recovered from fluorescent lamps

Hg Residues

Hg Residues shall consist of a variety of dry, powdered or fine particulate materials with a mercury content.
May consist of bag house dusts, dross recovery fines or battery manufacturing residues.

Other Mercury Scrap

Other Mercury Scrap may contain any other mercury content materials that are not included in the listed grades.

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